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Pastors' Dialogue: How Can Churches Bridge Deep Differences?

Christians are not immune to incivility and lack of empathy.  We too often settle into our own echo chambers and dismiss others who don’t share our beliefs.  Sometimes we do this to each other—failing to extend grace and charity to other Christians.  How do we discuss our deepest differences with one another, and recognize each other as image bearers?  How can we see other Christians as people rather than stereotypes?  And where can we find common ground without pretending that our differences don’t matter?

Featuring Claude Alexander, Luke Jernagan, Eric Stiller, and Tish Harrison Warren. Moderated by John Inazu.

With generous support from Central Presbyterian Church and the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics.

*Parking is available at Central Presbyterian Church in two locations: (1) the church’s two-level parking garage on the south side of the campus, which is accessible on the west side of Hanley Road, or (2) the parking garage at Central Christian School (700 South Hanley Road, 63105), which is accessible on the east side of Hanley Road north of the church’s main campus.  Parking is not available in the Davis Place neighborhood around the church, and non-residents who park in Davis Place will be ticketed.

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The Carver Conversations 2018: Christian Witness in a Fractured Age.

The calling of Christians is to be shaped and reshaped into people whose every thought and action is characterized by faith, hope, and love—and who then speak and act in the world with humility, patience, and tolerance.  How can Christians pursue this calling in a fractured age driven by fear, isolation, and selfishness?  In what ways are Christians themselves responsible for past and present shortcomings?  What are the greatest challenges and opportunities?  And how might we find common ground with others even if we can’t agree on a common good?

Featuring Tim Keller, LeCrae and John Inazu.  Moderated by Kirsten Powers.

*Parking will be available in three lots on the north side of Washington Avenue directly east of the church, and one lot on the south side of Washington Avenue (in the fenced lot east of KDHX).  Once those lots are filled, guests can use the Fox parking garage on the north side of Washington Avenue west of North Grand Blvd. Lot attendants will direct traffic to the appropriate lots.

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