Cultivating Christian leaders at the intersection of


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and society.

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We Long For


Faculty empowered.

Beginning with 14 faculty fellows, we will train and equip one another, other Washington University faculty, and faculty around the country to integrate faith and work from inside the university.

Students transformed.

We will partner with student leaders who work with us in ministry, learn from us, and teach us.  We will focus on discipleship aimed at weaving together university, church, and society in the lives of students.


Churches engaged.

Beginning with three anchor churches (The Crossing, Central Presbyterian, and U-City Family Church), we will expand the network of churches actively partnering with us in engaging with faculty and students at Washington University.

Society enriched.

 We are rooted locally and reaching nationally.  By bridging the institutions of university and church, we will serve our local community and model new relationships to our broader society.

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