Jonathan Kvanvig

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Professor of Philosophy

Jonathan L. Kvanvig is Professor of Philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis, formerly Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University, and has held previous faculty positions at the University of Notre Dame, Texas A&M University, and the University of Missouri.  His scholarly activities focus in metaphysics & epistemology, philosophy of language and logic, and philosophy of religion.  He has published 16 books and more than 120 articles.  He is the editor of Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Religion and has received grants from the NEH, the John Templeton Foundation, and the Templeton Religion Trust to further his research, and is the recipient of distinguished research awards from Texas A&M and Baylor.

Professor Kvanvig’s most recent work, supported by Templeton grants, concerns the nature and relationship between faith and humility.  It presents a generic and novel account of faith that includes faith in both secular and sacred contexts, arguing that both virtues are important aspects of any life worth living and defending a special relationship between faith and humility where each provides a needed counterbalance to the potential downside of the other.