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Our Mission

We are a community of scholars, students, and friends at Washington University in St. Louis that exists to equip faculty at the intersection of Christian faith and academic calling, provide expertise to culturally engaged pastors and ministry leaders, and cultivate the next generation of leaders in the university and beyond.   

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What's In a Name?


The Carver Project takes its name from George Washington Carver, whose life revolved around community, engagement, and dialogue within the context of his Christian faith and his calling to higher education.  Born into slavery in Missouri, Carver was committed to higher education, serving for forty-seven years on the faculty of the Tuskegee Institute. His intellectual curiosity and talents gave him an appreciation for many different forms of inquiry; though he made his reputation as a scientist, he initially thought that he would be an artist.  Acclaimed for his research and his teaching, he applied the same standard of excellence in all that he did, “learning to do the common things uncommonly well.” He was committed to reconciling racial divisions, once noting that “We are brothers, all of us, no matter what race or color or condition; children of the same Heavenly Father. We rise together or we fall together.”  And he was committed to his Christian faith and the integration of faith and learning. Of his lifelong pursuit of knowledge, Carver would write: “Without God to draw aside the curtain I would be helpless."

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What We Do



Our interdisciplinary faculty fellowship includes regular dinners and discussions hosted in faculty homes on topics related to the nature of the university, work/life balance, and academic vocation.  We also meet with faculty individually and collectively in other settings, including an annual retreat.


Our mentoring program matches interested Washington University students with mentors in the St. Louis community.  By focusing on calling and not just career, our mentors help students integrate heart, mind, soul, and strength. We currently pair lawyers with law students, with plans to extend to other sectors in the future.  Separate from our mentoring program, we offer reading groups that bring faculty and students together, often in faculty homes or other informal venues, and always with food.


Pastors & Ministry Leaders

Our faculty regularly advise out of their subject matter expertise through individual meetings, talks to church groups, and community forums.  We have spoken at dozens of churches and ministries in the St. Louis region on topics including race, art, memory, pluralism, scripture, creativity, and religious freedom.  We also plan to launch a faculty seminar series that will provide ongoing content to local and national pastors and ministry leaders.


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The Carver Project is for Christians who seek to engage culture in meaningful ways by establishing uncommon communities through focused engagement and creative dialogue.  


pastors & ministry leaders

Are you a Pastor or Ministry Leader looking to engage with our work?  We would love to meet you and hear how we might partner with you.


Interested in being a mentor?  We are currently focused on matching law students with lawyers, with plans to expand to other sectors.


Make a Donation

The Carver Project is a 501(c)(3) organization and a Missouri nonprofit corporation.  

students & prospective students

Are you a current or prospective undergraduate, graduate, or professional student at Washington University?  We would be glad to tell you more about our current and future plans and how you can get involved.