Bishop Claude


Bishop Alexander 2016.jpg

Senior Pastor, The Park Church

For over 36 years, Claude Alexander has sought to serve God and community. Having accepted the call to ministry at the age of 17, he endeavored toprepare himself by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Morehouse College (1985), a Master of Divinity Degree from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (1988), and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (2004). Bishop Alexander has served as the Senior Pastor of The Park Church in Charlotte, North Carolina for the past 27 years. Under his leadership, The Park Church has grown from one local congregation of 600 members to a global ministry of thousands with three locations and weekly international reach.

A leader among both Christian and civic organizations, Bishop Alexander has worked with government and community officials to address the community’s most critical issues. Currently, he serves on the boards of Charlotte Center City Partners, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, Christianity Today, Mission America Coalition, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, The New York City Leadership Center, and the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops. He is the incoming Chair of Gordon-Conwell Board of Trustees and the Second-Presiding Bishop of the Kingdom Association of Covenant Pastors.

In 2013, Bishop Alexander extended his many roles to include that of author. He published his first book, Necessary Christianity, through which he examines the ‘must’ statements of and about Jesus Christ within the Gospels. Written during a three-month sabbatical, he strives to challenge notions of personal preference and entitlement in our lives with Christ.

Bishop Alexander is committed to his family above all else. He is married to Dr. Kimberly Nash Alexander and is the proud father of two daughters, Camryn Rene and Carsyn Richelle.